The Truths About the Most Popular Diets

the truth about diets

Vegetarian Diets

A vegetarian is a person who bases his or her dietary system on foods derived from vegetables.
One of the authors who most advocated vegetarian diets was Dr Bircher-Benner.

Vegetarians should balance their diet to avoid dietary deficiencies such as:

  • Vegetable proteins: do not have the same nutritional value as those of animal origin. Therefore, cereals and pulses must be properly combined.
  • They can cause vitamin B12 and D deficiencies, since they do not exist in vegetables.

The Macrobiotic Diet

It is part of a philosophy created at the beginning of the century by Japanese Sakurazawa, applying the yin-yang philosophy of food.

It does not provide adequate nutritional requirements, to the point that the American Medical Association considers it very dangerous.

The Atkins Regime

Diet based on the exclusive consumption of protein and lipids. It is based on the impossibility for dietary lipids to be transformed into reserve fats without carbohydrates, which is theoretically correct.

However, it has serious drawbacks, as massive consumption of fat leads to a significant increase in cholesterol.

Also, as a ketogenic regimen, it can cause poor excretion of uric acid, with the consequent risk of gout and lithiasis.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

It is based on a hypocaloric diet (600-800 calories) without imagination that lasts two weeks, with a significant consumption of eggs (4 to 6 a day) and excluding dairy products (calcium deficiency).
Its biggest flaw is that it fails to stabilize the weight loss.

Neighbourhood Regimes

Although momentarily effective (which gives them some success), they are very fanciful diets that do not meet the minimum elementary standard of nutritional physiology. Let’s quote some of them:

  • The regime in which only grapefruit is consumed.
  • Cucumbers only.
  • Harrop’s diet, which consists of one litre of milk and six bananas a day.

There are many diets that promise “miraculous results”. Other times, a friend presents us with a photocopy of a diet with which she managed to lose a few kilos.

Please, let us be serious and responsible, putting ourselves in the hands of a specialist doctor and not playing lightly with our health.

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