How to make homemade and very tasty protein shake

Proteins are essential in any weight loss diet, but at the same time is the basis for the development of muscles after having intense days of physical exercises. What you can do to recover your muscles after breaking them with the intensity of the repetitions is a powerful protein shake.

The most commonly used is whey protein, but not all have the ability to buy it. Because of that, today I will tell you how to make a very loaded smoothie and make it tasty. This type of protein you will have it at your fingertips, and you can put the ingredients you like so you do not get bored.protein shake recipes

These types of proteins have the ability to restore glycogen to muscle mass so that it can grow rapidly while progressing in the building process. Coaches advise taking these types of shakes within the hour after you have done high intensity exercises because they are able to feed the muscles directly after they have fractured them.

Ingredients used for a protein shake ideal for your muscles

Whey protein is one of the most used post workout shakes. But if you do not have the possibility to buy it, I present the ingredients that you have to have on hand when returning from the gym. Take note to recover your muscles with this protein shake that I present later.


  • Skim milk, soy milk or whey, which is the basis for any protein shake.
  • Slightly cooked egg whites.
  • Oat flakes.
  • Cambures or banana.
  • Cocoa powder.
  • Honey if it is your preference.
  • Almonds, nuts or peanuts.
  • Strawberries.
  • Vanilla.

In addition to these shakes powers, you have a good weight loss regimen such as the Mediterranean diet, it will help you to develop muscles. In this diet, you can eat all the food groups but in a healthy way.

This diet adds protein from blue or fat fish because of its high Omega 3 content and lean meats, which limits it to once every 15 days. If you have a balanced diet you can have amazing results when you use protein-based drinks to gain muscle mass.

2 totally homemade protein based drinks

Once we have the ingredients that I mentioned above, I will proceed to give you the instructions to perform each one of them.

  1. In a blender place a banana, ½ glass of water, 3 tablespoons oatmeal in flakes, 3 egg whites previously cooked. Beat and drink immediately after it is done.
  2. In a blender you should place 1 cup of skim milk or soy, 3 tablespoons of oats, a handful of almonds, a spoonful of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon and that’s it!

If you follow these tips, you will have achieved your muscle mass with these types of homemade protein shakes that you will not regret having used them for the growth of your muscles.

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